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About us

John’s Totes and Wood Creations is a small family run business. It started out when more storage space was required while taking day and weekend trips with our 2001 Goldwing. Searching around, there was no item that could be attached to the Goldwing for the added storage needed for overnight bags or other Co-Rider comforts. So the design of the Goldwing Saddlebag Tote came to life. This tote would attached to the hitch of a Motorcycle or Trike. It is completely open in the inside for more storage. It has a top that can be lock to keep the contents secure while stopped to have ice cream or staying overnight. The tote match the contours of the motorcycle as they are made from the takeoff saddlebags of Goldwing’s that have been turned into a Trike.

The creativity did not stop with the totes as the wheels are always turning in John’s Head. A set of Do It Yourself (DIY) plans for a 2’X4’ CNC Router were found and the building process started. Three weeks later the CNC Router was up and running and making Wood creations like plaques, V Carved signs and had the capability of creating 3D designs. The Limits of what can be done on this CNC Router is left to the imagination. That design has now changed to a 3'X6' CNC router for larger projects.

Oh as if there is not enough going on with building Totes and CNC Routing, we have added the ability to Laser engrave and cut wood creations. The new machine is an Epilog Zing 24 40W laser. We are now able to combine the CNC Router and Laser to make even more spectacular projects. Again the ability to make wood projects is left up to the imagination of us and you as a customer.

Looking forward to serving your needs.

If you have an idea, email us at

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